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FACT:  80% of all product and service purchases are made online.  If you don’t have an updated web site, you’re losing money every day.


Why Braswell Computers?

Because, since 1993, we’ve helped Dallas Fort Worth business owners put their technology to work for them.  From efficient computer systems to effective web sites to productivity training, we’ve been there for you since 1993 and we will be there for you tomorrow.  If you’re happy with impersonal attention and being just another number in someone’s phone, then we’re not your solution.  But, if you want to be paid the personal attention you and your company deserve by top-notch professionals, Braswell Computers if your total solution.


What we offer?

Start Here is a one-page get you a web presence NOW.

Go Brochure is a basic 5-page web brochure with Home, About, Services and/or Products, Testimonials, and Contact pages.  You provide the text or we can develop the text for you.

Social Butterfly adds your favorite social network configurations.


Can I make my own updates or does Braswell have to do the updates?

You are never tied to us for your updates.  We don’t hold you hostage like some other technology companies do.  We develop your new web site and put the keys in your hands to add, modify, and update as you wish.  We will even train you on WordPress updating if you so choose.  However, we will also gladly step in for everything from making a few changes to complete web site management.  It’s your business and your web site, so it’s all your choice.

FACT:  You are in charge of how much you spend on a web site, not us.  We suggest you start small and build up from there.


How much does it cost?

Need a web site, but are afraid it will cost an ‘arm and leg?’  Web site design doesn’t have to cost a lot to be effective.  Let us help you reach out to more potential clients with a new look and feel AND at a reasonable price.  You don’t want to buy the Internet – you just want an Internet presence!  We get that.


Start Here.  Our Starter web sites are $375 (programming) for a very basic one-page presence (you provide the text).  From there, the sky is the limit, but we will discuss your budget and be sure to stay within.  This same site has the opportunity to grow and expand, so start here and add on to the site when you your budget allows.

Go Brochure.  A 5-Page Brochure Web Site will run $750 to $1,250 (you provide the text), and can quickly run into $2,000 and up if you want us to write the text for you and/or for special programming requirements.

Social Butterfly.  Basic Facebook & LinkedIn setup can run as little as $150 if you provide the text and details.  Again, we can provide writing services for you at a rate per hour.  Writing services’ rates are specific to your needs, so we will provide a quote at our meeting.

Blog Writing for those who are too busy.  We have writers who write on social media platforms for you.  You choose a topic and we write your blog.  We can also design a blog graphic customized for the content and social media platform.

Blog lengths range from 500 words to 2,500 words.  Research suggests that more readers prefer shorter blogs because they don’t have a lot of time to read 2,500 words.  But, a 2,500 word blog will have a lot of great content in it also.  So, rather than focus on length, we might really need to be thinking about how well our content is targeted and who will be reading our content.  Blog articles start at $99 for 1000 words.  Blog graphics start at $35.

Successful people start before they’re ready.  You’ll never be 100% ready to get a new web site.  We’ve worked in over 80 industries for over two decades and we understand business.


Don’t delay – Let us help you with the planning part.  Simply complete the Service Request Form, hit Send, and let’s get a meeting scheduled!

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