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On-site training helps you save money on repair bills and create happy employees…


None of us started out knowing what we know today – we had to be trained.  At Braswell Computers, we’ve been training you since 1993.  Training is an everyday event for us – we believe in it and we do it well.

Some of our clients ask us in to train employees in software applications on a frequent basis.  Others require quarterly in-house training on Cyber Security and company policies.  Still others will have ‘flash’ training for employees when they see a situation where training is needed right away.

The great news is that we cover all of these training situations.  We will work with you to develop custom structural training, and also step in when a ‘flash’ training event occurs.

We make training fun too!


Dallas – Denton – Fort Worth Business Software Training

Here is a brief list of our business training offers.  NOTE:  This list is not comprehensive because training needs are always evolving.

  • QuickBooks setup & training
  • Cyber Security training
  • Curriculum structure & development
  • Microsoft Office Suite training
  • Online Merchant Store training
  • Small Business setup & training
  • WordPress maintenance training
  • Disaster planning & training
  • Your company proprietary software training


What are some benefits of training?

  • Stay ahead of your competitors
  • Stay on top of skills weaknesses and gaps
  • Keep up with industry changes
  • Be in touch with latest technology
  • Increase job satisfaction
  • Provide learning incentives to employees
  • Maintain knowledge and skills
  • Get promoted faster
  • Attract new and high-level employees
  • Advance your own career


How much do we charge for training?  Training starts at $85 per hour.  Seminars start at one hour.  Ask about GROUP DISCOUNTS!

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